Book Cover for Luxury Wine MarketingLuxury Wine Marketing: The Art and Science of Luxury Wine Branding: Wine has been considered a luxury product since the time of the ancient Egyptians, and today is coveted by collectors and wine enthusiasts from around the world. Yet little has been written about the world of luxury wine marketing, explaining how a wine brand can enter that special realm. This book helps to demystify the process by describing how to craft, implement, and maintain a luxury wine brand. Beginning with a definition and history of luxury wine, the authors then explain the unique business model and consumer segments for luxury wine, before outlining industry best practice in the building of luxury wine brands. Each chapter is supplemented with a vignette of a successful luxury brand producer, and provides beneficial advice on the long-term vision and passion that is necessary to create a successful luxury wine marketing strategy. This book also contains original research conducted by the authors on the size of the luxury wine market and analysis of its segmentation by region, allowing for new and unique insight into the world’s top wine regions. Written as both a practitioner’s guide and as a wine business textbook, Luxury Wine Marketing is a cornerstone reference resource for the business of wine.

Front Cover for Global Wine TourismBest Practices in Global Wine Tourism is a collection of fifteen case studies from around the world describing methods used by highly successful wine regions and wineries. Learn how innovative wine professionals turned challenges into successes in establishing new wine regions, attracting customers, creating collaborative relationships with stakeholders, preserving the environment, and establishing measurements for wine tourism. Enjoy stories about wine tourism around the world, including France, Italy, Argentina, China, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, and other wine regions.

Edited by Liz Thach and Stephen Charters, two veteran wine tourism researchers and professors of wine business, this book is very useful for wine hospitality managers, researchers, wine students, and enthusiasts.

“An excellent collection of fascinating and useful case studies describing the challenges and triumphs of implementing a wine tourism strategy. An engaging read for wine hospitality managers, enthusiasts, and students.”
– Dr. Don Getz, Author of Explore Wine Tourism


51M1RTalfWL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Call of the Vine takes you on a tour of ten famous vineyards in the legendary California wine regions of Napa and Sonoma.  Sit back and relax as author, Dr. Liz Thach, first female Master of Wine from California, introduces you to the men and women who are guardians of some of the most sacred plots of land on earth for wine lovers.  Written in the first person with close and intimate conversations with vineyard managers and winemakers, this non-fiction book will not only inspire you with the meticulous care and environmental practices being used in these vineyards, but will explain how viticulture decisions such as canopy management and clonal selection impact wine quality. Most importantly this book taps into the “soul of the vineyard” and describes how working amongst the vines provides insights into a balanced life and respect for the graces of nature.

Inspired to write this book when visiting La Tache and Romanee Conti vineyards in France and witnessing the respect and admiration carloads of tourists had for these famous vineyards, Liz decided to begin an exploration of the famous vineyards of her own homeland, California.  Armed with the help and guidance of the Napa Valley Vintners and the Sonoma County Vintners, she was able to identify a list of ten Napa and Sonoma County vineyards that fit the criteria of being a historic vineyard, unique in some special way such as location or varietal, and/or consistently producing a high number of award winning wines.

“This book will appeal to wine students, vineyard and winery owners, and wine enthusiasts who are interested in learning about the nitty gritty details of vineyards and what makes a great vineyard in California .” – Elliott Mackay, The Wine Appreciation Guild


Book Cover for Wine Social MediaSuccessful Social Media and Ecommerce Strategies in the Wine Industry – Social media and ecommerce has an enormous impact in today’s wine industry, particularly among the Internet-savvy millennial generation. This book analyzes new communication platforms used in digital wine marketing, allowing students and researchers to understand how both producers and consumers deal with these modern communication and selling platforms. Providing in-depth examples from around the world, the contributing authors explore how wineries use Facebook and other social media platforms to interact with consumers, crowdsourcing techniques to build a new wine business, cross-cultural analysis, and other tactics that give insight into the world of digital wine marketing.


 How to Launch Your Wine Career:  Hating life in a cubical where the only greenery is that of the mold growing on the rungs of the corporate ladder? In 2007, 1,100 new wineries opened for business in America. The wine industry is one of the fastest growing in the world with job prospects being created every day and in a variety of skill application—from agricultural work to marketing and business. The first of its kind, this book, written by successful and respected industry professionals, gives practical, real world advice on how to begin, develop and succeed in a career in: • Wine Making; • Wine Production; • Vineyard Management; • Wine Marketing, Sales& PR; • Wine Retail; • Wine Writing; • Wine Education; • Wine Management & Accounting.  Including interviews with some of wine’s most prominent figures, like winemaker Heidi Barrett, and wine writer James Laube of the Wine Spectator, about how they “made it,” the book builds a career from the ground up, explaining job descriptions, educational and skill requirements, the “career ladder,” how to get started, and job hunting strategies. Each chapter ends with a helpful resource guide of available conferences, books, and websites.   Available from,, and


Wine: A Global Business 2nd Edition with Forward by James Halliday provides an essential overview of the relevant components to consider when establishing a wine business.  Beginning with a global perspective on the state of the wine industry, the book then provides step-by-step basics on establishing a wine business strategy; business considerations for establishing a vineyard and producing wine, and then explores all of the marketing and sales channels for wine.  In addition, chapters on wine finance, accounting, supply chain management, human resources, wine tourism, and environmental and legal issues are included.

“This book offers an extensive overview of the global wine business.  A must-have for anyone who is interested in developing successful strategies to compete in the global wine marketplace.  Enjoy reading this book while sipping a glass of your favorite wine.”  – Gina Gallo, Winemaker, Gallo of Sonoma   

Available at,, and

Wine Marketing And Sales: Success Strategies for a Saturated Market (2nd edition): This book provides an in depth, hands-on approach to every element of wine marketing and sales.  From the initial theoretical concepts to detailed tactical steps for every winery marketing and sales application, this book is filled with useful tips and devices for success.  Designed to be both a textbook for wine marketing students, as well as a guide for winery owners and marketers, this book is also ideal for wine enthusiasts and any one who has ever dreamed of owning a winery.  And for wine marketers everywhere, who wonder why they ever went into the swamp, this is a book that should give you plenty of ideas about those pesky alligators – and how to win them over in the future.   Available at:; and



Zinfandel_Zanies_Cover_for_Kindle (1)Dr. Liz Thach is also publishing fiction books with her good friend, Kate Kelly, under the pen name of Kathleen Tosh.  Their most current book, just released in 2012 is called Zinfandel ZaniesHeroine Lia Jordan travels to Sonoma, California to participate as a wine judge in the Zinfandel Taste-Off at the newly restored Maya Ghost Winery & Resort.  As a wine writer for the trendy San Francisco based magazine Bon Gourmet Travels, Lia is caught off guard when a series of mysterious accidents start to plague her and the other guests.  Soon she finds herself embroiled in a complex and dangerous case involving feuding drug lords, priceless black onyx wine glasses, and an ancient love story of Old California.  Will Lia be able to unravel the clues and identify the killer before someone else is murdered?  Available in paperback and Kindle versions on

Chardonnay Chalice part of the wine travel mystery series and featuring Lia Jordan who is a wine writer for the trendy San Francisco based magazine Bon Gourmet Travels.  Lia enjoys attending wine judging events around the world and describing the wines for her readers.  But when she attends the Global Apex Wine Show, highlighting matches between Chardonnay wines and Pacific Rim cuisine, she finds herself entangled in an ancient plot over a lost golden goblet and a sacred Hawaiian heaiu.  Racing to help a tiny Hawaiian orphan boy and his jailed brother, Lia strives to outwit a band of dangerous thieves on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Will she be able to unravel the ancient message left by the Goddess Pele and survive the attempts on her life?  Available on


Tarsi the Sandhill Crane – An engaging and heart-warming true story about three little girls growing up in Idaho and raising a pet Sandhill Crane. Their biologist father rescued Tarsi when he was a very small chick, lost in the Gray’s Lake marsh. Tarsi came home to live with the family until he was strong enough to be re-introduced into the wild. With his foster family, Tarsi shared many fun and crazy adventures, including playing tag and going fishing with the girls, locking grandma in the outhouse, and even rescuing five-year old Michelle when she fell into a pond.  As you learn about wild cranes and their marshy world, you will also fall in love with Tarsi, the Sandhill Crane, just like these three little girls did. Available on

“This is a great book for kids to learn about Sandhill Cranes.  Not only is it entertaining, funny, and a true story…but it teaches readers about the natural environment of the cranes in Grays Lake, Idaho and what amazing and beautiful birds they are.” Scott R. Derrickson, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, National Zoological Park