Wine Travel Stories

This blog is about my trips to various wine regions around the world. It includes tips on wineries to visit; wines to taste; driving directions; restaurants; hotels, and other useful information. In addition, it includes some detailed information on viticulture and winemaking. I hope you will find it useful and enjoyable.


Wine Stars

This wine blog features the favorite California wines of Millennials who are between the ages of 21 and 39.  The blog includes wine favorites from 4 different formats:

  • Wine Club Favorites — the favorite wine of the weekly open tasting on the SSU Wine Sense Club on campus. Usually written by a Wine Club student board member.
  • Wine Stories – descriptions of favorite Millennial tasting rooms; interesting wine facts; and wine submissions provided by Millennials
  • SSU Class Favorites — the favorite wine from blind tastings conducted in wine classes at SSU
  • Professor Musing – wine suggestions and ideas for Millennials to consider.

Wine Cocktails – Wine Mixology

This blog features wine cocktails from around the world.  In addition it introduces original wine cocktails created by wine business students at Sonoma State University and Texas Tech University as part of a wine mixology contest.


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