Leadership Award 2020– nominated as one of the top leaders in the US Wine Industry by Wine Business Monthly, October 2020. The award honors the year’s changemakers and influencers.

OIV Book Award for Luxury Wine Marketing – 2020. Special Mention for Best Book in Vitiviniculture Economy Category. See acceptance video HERE.

Who’s Who in California Wine Business – 2020. Named by Meininger’s Wine Business International, Feb. 25, 2020, along with Congressman Mike Thompson and Bobby Koch.

Hall of Fame Best Book Award – Winner of Hall of Fame in Gourmand World Book Awards for 2020 for Luxury Wine Marketing. This is the top book award in this competition, with over 300 drinks books competing globally. December 2019.

Blazing the Trail for Women in Wine – 2018 Recognized as a trailblazer for Women in Wine as first female MW on the West Coast and the 7th woman in the US to become a Master of Wine., Nov. 2018.

Best Wine Tourism Book in the WORLD– 2017 Winner at Yantia, China International Gourmand World  Book Awards (May of 2017) for Best Practices in Global Wine Tourism, NY: Miranda Press. Editors: Dr. Liz Thach, MW & Dr. Steve Charters, MW.

Best Wine Tourism Book in the USA– 2017 Winner for Best Practices in Global Wine Tourism, NY: Miranda Press, from Gourmand International Book Awards. Editors: Dr. Liz Thach, MW & Dr. Steve Charters, MW. Awarded Fall 2016.

Award of ExcellenceWinner for Outstanding Paper in the 2016 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence.  Variety seeking by wine consumers in the southern states of the US (Volume 27 number 4, 2015) by Janeen E. Olsen, Tom Atkin, Liz Thach,&  Steve S. Cuellar.

OIV Book Award – 2016 OIV Special Mention in the category of Economics.  Successful Social Media and Ecommerce Strategies in the Wine Industry. NY: Palgrave. From OIV – Organization International du Vin, headquartered in Paris, France.

Excellence in Education Award – Exemplary Educator Recipient 4 Year College Level. Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce. August 17, 2015.

Distinguished Professor of Wine Awarded title for first Distinguished Professor of Wine at Sonoma State University, Wine Business Institute. Summer 2015.

OIV Book Award –  2015 OIV Special Mention for new book, Wine Business Management. Wrote chapter in book entitled: “Managing Human Resources in the Wine Industry.” From OIV – Organization International du Vin.

Best Women in Wine Book in the USA  – 2015 Winner for Call of the Vine: Exploring Ten Famous Vineyards of Napa and Sonoma, NY: Miranda Press. Awarded by Gourmand International Book Awards. Author: Dr. Liz Thach, MW.

Fulbright Specialist Award – Awarded Fulbright scholarship to teach wine business in Mendoza, Argentina for 2 weeks in March of 2014.

Best Book on Economy of Law of Viticulture & Wine. OIV – Organization International du Vin.  The Business of Champagne – A Delicate Balance.  Wrote Chapter in book entitled: “Exploding Bottles: Exploring the Work Culture and Human Resource Issues of Champagne.” Awarded in 2013.

Best New Wine Book for Professionals for How to Launch Your Wine Career.  Awarded by Gourmand World Cookbooks Award.  Authors:  Liz Thach and Brian D’Emilio. Awarded in 2009.

Best Wine Marketing Book in the World for Wine Marketing & Sales.  Awarded by Gourmand World Cookbooks.  Authors: Paul Wagner, Janeen Olsen and Liz Thach. Awarded in 2007.

Rising Star AwardNational Women for Winesense for at least 12 years of excellent service and contribution in the wine industry.  May 2012

Resolution from California Legislature No. 422 – for being the first woman in California to become a Master of Wine.  From Noreen M. Evans, July 2011.

Recipient of the Korbel Professorshipa three-year research award of $18,000 per year to pursue research in wine business. 2010 – 2013

Recipient of the Andre Crispin Commanderie de Bordeaux Scholarship. This scholarship is worth $3500 to travel and study in Bordeaux, France for one week, including private meetings with winemakers at major Bordeaux chateaux.  It is awarded once per year to an outstanding Master of Wine candidate. Awarded in 2009.

Winner of the Reh Kendermann Bursary. This scholarship pays for travel for one week to visit wineries in Germany, including Reh Kendermann Winery and other important German wine producers.  It is awarded once per year to an outstanding Master of Wine candidate. Awarded in 2007

Teacher Appreciation Award, SSU Order of Omega (2001 and 2002), in recognition of promoting academic excellence in and out of the classroom.

Leadership Award – for strong commitment to the environment, employee health and safety, and communities where Amoco operates. 1995, Amoco Corporation

Peer Award – in recognition of outstanding collaboration, teamwork, and willingness to share expertise, your peers want to thank you.  1996, Organizational Capability Group, Amoco Corp.

Chairman’s Award – in recognition of team excellence, 1996, Eurasia Safety Travelers Team, Amoco Corporation.

Diversity Award – for exceptional contribution and dedication in furthering employee understanding and appreciation of diversity as a key business issue, 1996, Amoco Corporation

Swarming Award – for outstanding results as a team member in creating value for our clients by rapidly delivering integrated consulting services, 1996, Organizational Capability Group, Amoco Corporation.

HR Award – in recognition of achievement of the Human Resources Strategy Workshop, Amoco Corporation

Professional Development Award – in recognition of completing the professional development series, Compaq Computer Corporation.

Contribution Award – for outstanding contribution to the success of the Training & Development Certification Program, Texas A&M University.

Cost Effective Contribution – in recognition of making cost effective contributions for the increased productivity and quality of the business, Texas Instruments.

Orientation Design Contribution – in recognition of team leadership in the design & implementation of the New Employee Orientation Program,  US West Media Group.

College Valedictorian – selected class Valedictorian for graduating class of College of Notre Dame, Belmont, California; based on GPA and winning graduation speech.

Summa Cum Laude – graduated summa cum laude with B.A. in English from College of Notre Dame, Belmont, CA.

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