What is Mother Nature Trying to Tell Us?

This has been the most amazing semester in terms of the weather.  January and February brought some of the sunniest and driest weather we have seen in wine country in many years.  Then in March, when the East Coast and Northeast portions of the US heated up to the 80’s – -bringing the earliest tree blossoms and flowers that part of the country has ever experienced – Northern California slumped back into rainy weather in the mid 50’s.  What is going on Mother Nature?  What can each of us do to stop the drastic increase in CO2 emissions which are heating up this planet?

On campus, both students and professors seem to be enjoying our change in schedule.  We started two weeks earlier this year – in mid January, rather than at the end of the month.  This means we will end two weeks sooner as well, with graduation scheduled for May 12.  Now that is early, but it means that everyone gets to enjoy a longer summer.

Based on all of the changes, and to honor the power of Mother Nature, I have found a quote from Albert Einstein.

We still do not know

One thousandth of one percent

Of what Nature has revealed to us. 

Albert Einstein

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