Autumn in California Wine Country

Autumn has arrived in California Wine Country, and once again I am struck by how incredibly beautiful it is here at this time of year.  The air actually smells like wine as the harvest gets underway, and there is a huge rush of energy as winery employees work around the clock to pick the grapes at the exact moment of perfect ripeness.  Fermentation begins in vats, tanks, and barrels, and the used skins and seeds are redistributed back in the vineyards to provide nourishment for next year’s crop.

When I first moved here eleven years ago from Colorado, I was worried I would miss the change of colors in the tree leaves during autumn in the Rockies.  However, I was unprepared from the magnificent tapestry of orange, gold, yellow, and red that spreads over the vineyards.  The hillsides are ablaze in a myriad of fall colors, and it takes your breath away when the huge harvest moon rises in a deep orange globe over the evening landscape.

I am on sabbatical this autumn semester, working on two new books – one on California’s
most famous vineyards.  I’m also helping with harvest in some local wineries and waiting for my own grapes to ripen before the yellow jackets eat them all.  Who knew that yellow jackets ate grapes?  This semester is also filled with travel.  I just returned from 3 weeks in Italy where they were having an early harvest in Tuscany.  In October, I head to Hawaii, and in November to London and Idaho.   I stay in touch with many of my students through email and Facebook.

And so in this time of miraculous autumn in wine country, I believe the following quote from J. Robert Moskin is most appropriate:

“One of
life’s gifts is that each of us, no matter how tired and downtrodden, finds
reasons for thankfulness: for the crops carried in from the fields and the
grapes from the vineyard.” 

J. Robert Moskin

2 thoughts on “Autumn in California Wine Country

  1. Estimada Liz, he leido tus articulo, los cuales me parecen extraordinarios, felicidades, el mundo del vino es una cultura, que practicamente nace con el hombre y las diferentes civilizaciones. Yo soy Enologo y he escrito el primer Diccionario Enciclopedico Universal del Vino, ensenando al cultura del vino, desde su historia, procesos de elaboracion de vino tinto rosado y blanco, la cata en sus diferentes fases, propiedades del vino, el vino y sus derivados, champan, cognac y mucho mas. Estoy buscando alguna empresa o persona que se interes en publicar en Estados Unidos traducido al ingles mi trabajo, por ahora solo esta en espanol. Si tendrias interes en ver las diferentes presentaciones puedes ver en el google poniendo mi nombre completo Roberto Arce Vadillo o como Diccionario Enciclopedico Universal del Vino. A la espera de cualquier comentario recibe un saludo cordial.

    • Dear Roberto,

      Thanks for your nice message. Your writings on wine sound fascinating. If I learn of someone who can translate, I will let you know. Best wishes, Liz

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