December and Final Exams Are Upon Us

We are now entering the last few hectic weeks of the semester.  As a professor, I am busy grading papers and preparing final exams. Students are cramming and desperately trying to schedule assignments from multiple classes so they don’t have to pull “all-nighters.”  Yes — I remember what it is like to be a college student in December. However, keep in mind, it is just as crazy for professors, who have to grade all those papers.  This semester I have 129 students!  This is why I save my “stress management” lecture for this time of year….  It helps me, just as much as the students.

Anyway, enough complaining. I still love my job, and know that in a few weeks, we will all be celebrating — perhaps heading to the snow in the Sierras, drinking Cosmopolitans in Palm Springs (I’m heading here), and always enjoying lots of lovely wine and food with family and friends during the holidays.

So I end this post with a wine quote from the Bible – Ecclesiastes (31:35-36) and also one from the Koran (47.15).  During this season of thanksgiving and joy, we can celebrate from multiple perspectives.

“Wine drunk with moderation is the joy of soul and the heart.” Ecclesiastes (31:35-36)

“Here is a Parable of the Garden which the righteous are promised:  in it are rivers of wine, a joy to those who drink.” Koran 47:15


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