Dr. Liz Thach, MW

First Day of SSU Fall 2010 Classes Consumed by Record Heat

There was an air of excitement on campus today as everyone returned for the first day of classes (Wed., August 25).  People were greeting one another, laughing, and appeared jazzed about being back.  What was unusual was the extreme heat (102 today and 103 on Tuesday) that replaced the cold foggy days that depressed us during the first part of August.

My first class was at noon in Stevenson 1002 with 122 registered students in Organizational Behavior and another 8 trying to crash.  Unfortunately the air conditioner didn’t seem to be working so well, and after 30 minutes everyone in the room was sweating.  However, since it was the first day, we only stayed for 45 minutes….and everyone seemed quite pleased to escape the room oven and get some fresh air– including me.  An interesting first day.