Dr. Liz Thach, MW

A Cool Foggy August in Sonoma

It’s been a cold summer in Sonoma — one of the coldest on record — with thick fog every morning that drenches the plants, flowers, trees, and vineyards with moisture.  When we wake each morning, it looks like it rained during the night.  The sun usually comes out around noon, and then we enjoy a few hours of warmth, before the fog rolls in again from the Pacific.

At a Sonoma Country Grape Grower’s meeting yesterday, they said that many of the vineyards have powdery mildew because of the moisture.  We are also 3 weeks delayed in ripening due to the lack of sun.  My pinot noir vines are just started to go through verasion (change from green to purple).  There are those who are predicting a long, warm Indian Summer.  I hope they are right.  If so, this cooler longer ripening period could actually mean a high-quality harvest for Sonoma County.  Only time will tell.